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Collected Yamadori

Out and about beginning to dig new discoveries from my travels . These Trident Maples found by the roadside were chop topped by numerous slashings by contracters . With permission i removed them after leaf drop prior to the roadside maintainance taking place . Safe at home , these Tridents will be good starters for future styling , all up there is over 30 Maples plus 50 cuttings taken from the trimming process . I have discoverd another 30 plus self grown seedlings , awaiting approval to remove as they are in an area of streetscape undergoing works and a safety issue is the concern .

Way too Busy

I have been very busy over the last couple of months “climate change” proofing my Bonsai areas in the Garden and trimming Yamadori trees in preparation for digging over the Winter months . With the Cold frame finished and the Greenhouse completed . I have moved onto a sheltered area to protect the Bonsai from extreme heat in summer , and the damaging winds and hail that we seem to have quite frequently at any given time . A mans work is never done . I haven’t had time to post on a regular basis with all things good i will turn my slack efforts around . I have collected 1000’s of seeds in anticipation to a long drawn out recovery from surgery to take place soon . So while i recover the seed growing beds and and training stock will come to life after Winter . I recycled materials that i have stored for years around the yard for future use into a good large cold frame , now all i need is another 2 or 3 frames just to hold all the Layers and Seed trays that i have potted up .