This has been in the process of layering and training over the last 18 months .It was originally planted by the owner of my house many years ago . With a base of around 90mm it was removed by an excavator when i had the block cleaned up 15 years ago .It re-struck about 5 years ago and i simple cut it back not wanting to have it overgrow the veranda again .Now growing behind the cladding i installed 6 years ago it was time to destroy it or remove the cladding and save the creeper .I decided to layer the runner as close as possible to the house and then consider removing the cladding to save the trunk which has nice characteristics about it .Today i severed the runner and this is now my new trainer .It has been wound around a lime sulphured knarled piece of dead wood .Over the next few years i hope the runner will fuse together and create a solid trunk  . With a base of around 80-100mm when fused it will be a sumo type wisteria , a little different from the normal , having twin trunks and leaders. Well i was bored with the normal wisteria’s available at nurseries so this is a unique Alpineart special .


Cheers Alpineart