City of Perth Display

Last night, the City of Perth held a function to honor the Japanese Ambassador. I was asked to put a few of my Australian native bonsai to grace the occasion.



















BSWA, BW Combined Exhibition

Over the weekend the Bonsai Society of WA and the Bonsai Workshop WA Inc together held a very successful exhibition at the Morley Sports and Recreations Club. About 100 trees were on display. Lotterywest generously sponsored the event. About 2,000 people went thru the gate. Admission is by a gold coin donation to Lifeline. Here are some of the trees on display.







Modernistic display of 3 trees – L – R JBP, Baeckea, Wild Olive








Juniperus Chinesis








Juniper specie





Shohin Display







Melaleuca Incana Nana








Leptospermum Polygaliforium/ L. Flavescens








Cork Bark Oak








Stone Pine








Coastal Tea Tree








Baeckea Virgarta
















Huge Bougie






Salt Water Paperbark








NZ Tea Tree






In August I was in China. My main objective was to see the Huangshan Mountain Range. It is China’s most beautiful mountain. It is also most popular with tens of millions of visitors yearly. It is also China’s most well know mountain. It is a World Heritage Site. My first time up was a disaster. We were met with a storm. Heavy rain and very strong wind. So strong that they shut one cable car system and restricted the otherĀ  to people with prepaid tickets only. It is very dangerous to walk on the mountain in such conditions. The fear of being stranded without shelter forced us to make a quick retreat down the mountain. We then made special arrangements to go up mountain again a few days later. Just magnificent. Sunshine at 21 C. I plan to go back next year. I have only seen about half of the mountain range. Here are some pictures to share. CJ

































































Work on a neglected J. Squamata


I bought this J. Squamata from another member of our bonsai society more than 10 years ago. However I have neglected it for a long time. Last week I decided to have a look at it and do some redesign. Here is the before and after pictures.









Yet another update on air layering Japanese Maple

I was intrigued as to why two air layers did exactly the same way and at about the same location did not produce roots at the same time. So today I decided to have a closer look again. Guess what ? There are indeed roots on the other air layer as well. The length of the root on this air layer is about the same as those in the other one. So most likely they emerged at about the same time. I must have missed it on my first viewing. Here’s the photo: