Pine Styling Advice please??

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Pine Styling Advice please??

Postby Marc » January 12th, 2009, 9:39 am

Hi all, please tell me what you think. I have a pine at home, been thinking for a long time to keep it as a regular tree but now not so sure. The last time I repotted I noticed that a root had died and rotted away, right at a perfect spot for a balanced nebari, leaving only one decent looking root from the trunk. So I planted it about 1 or 2 cm deeper then to try to encourage another root to start growing from that spot. This was about 18 to 24 months ago. I pulled it out of the dirt a little a month or 2 ago to check the progress and saw nothing growing from that spot. In fact the trunk was starting to curve toward the strong root and smoothing out under the soil level, not giving me any hope that a new root will grow.

So I was looking on line for some inspiration for my pine with one strong nebari that I could potentially grow mine into. I found this pic of a tree, I believe it to be one of Craig Cousins. And here are some pics of mine. Mine is about 30cm tall, trunk quite thin, about the fatness of a thumb, it is very healthy and back buds and grows relentlessly.

Do you think I could turn mine into something like Craig's? I have no clue as to the size and dimensions of his.

(I have planted it at this angle to gauge whether or not it would suit this slanting style exposing the root. The wired top was left there, I'm hedging my bets you see, it was done at the top like this a while ago, training a new top as there was an empty stop there. So incase I change my mind - again - i left it liek this.)
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Re: Pine Styling Advice please??

Postby PeterW » January 12th, 2009, 5:24 pm

Hello Marc

The best advise i could give you regarding your little pine tree is to take it along to a club meeting (Antonio might give you some details here) and get some help from more experienced people there. It is good that you have a vision for your tree. Good luck with it mate.
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Re: Pine Styling Advice please??

Postby Bretts » January 12th, 2009, 7:42 pm

If this was mine I would think in the 123 left right back rule of branches and remove the most unwanted branches. Some may stay as maybe later I remove them branches. It may be possible to pick a leader lower than the top of the tree. Then I would wire the trunk and give some three demensional bend in it. It looks thin enough to put some considerable bend without too much damage. Then I would put in a spacious grow pot or ground and if it is meant to be it will start to speak to you from then on. You will find the more they grow the louder they speak ;)
You may find in time that that one good root may become the one bad root and be removed.
Looking at the pic again I may shorten many of the branches and follow the pine pruning techniques that I would not try to dictate of by hart :oops:
It can be scary when you first do it but in time you realise there is only one way to learn.
I have a few around from when I first started that are still getting over my first styling :? :lol: I will take pics and post one such tree when i get time it is due for a good look over again anyway :)
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Re: Pine Styling Advice please??

Postby daiviet_nguyen » January 12th, 2009, 8:27 pm

Hi Marc,

I have not any experiences in re-growing new roots from black pines. If it were my tree, when the repotting
time comes, I will re-examine the root system, and possibly re-arrange them in a more balanced manner.
If you are lucky enough to have enough roots, you might not need to re-grow the dead one.

You will need a rather shallow and big pot. While growing the roots, it is advisable to keep them buried at
all times.

Taking it to a club is certainly a good idea.


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