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Re: Australian Bonsai Grower

Postby Nereus » June 13th, 2009, 11:42 am

its a shame that the man has a reverse taper :lol:
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Re: Australian Bonsai Grower

Postby jrazik » June 17th, 2009, 9:59 am

was good spent about 3 hours there talking and wandering and somehow only spent $80.- dont really know how i guess my tastes were shooting small atm but not to saying the future i wont go more as im sure i will, that and i did have the wife there, yeah silly move i know but i had to pretend to care and took the family along. i got a few buxxus and swamp cypress also junipers and a corky bark elm, as i said all small but mainly for twisting and stuff.
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Aussie Bonsai Fan
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Re: Australian Bonsai Grower

Postby Shannon » June 25th, 2009, 10:52 am

I've known Steve at the Aust bonsai grower for years he and his wife took me under there wing when I was young 16 (1993), I did training/work expirience for about 3 weeks, It was great times and I never forget the tips they shared.
If you see his private collection look for a mother/daughter twin trunk celtis thats my old tree sold it to him in 2001 and i'm still kicking myself :( .
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Aussie Bonsai Fan
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Re: Australian Bonsai Grower

Postby NathanM » August 3rd, 2009, 8:45 am

After visiting Tess at Bonsai Northside on Saturday morning (well lunch time by the time I left!!) I head home, dropped of my purchases and promptly headed over to park Ridge to visit Steve at Australian Bonsai Grower.
I'd never been there before, and I found the whole set up to be fantastic! The lay out of the pre-made bonsai section reminded me very much of some of the nurseries I visited in Japan.
The stock yard is MASSIVE. Was an overall good experience, so I'm sure I'll be heading back soon enough!!
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Aussie Bonsai Fan
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Re: Australian Bonsai Grower

Postby Nate.bonsai » December 29th, 2014, 4:31 pm

I was on holiday in Northern NSW and decided to drive across the border and visit Steve's nursery, Australian Bonsai Grower, this week.

I was so impressed that I thought to give him a shout out on this old thread.

The nursery is located on a very large rural block with an extensive amount of stock at all stages.

He had masses of young Bougs, as well as JBP's. Re the JBP's - he had rows and rows of juvenile seedling stock, as well as at least three long rows of JBP's with a good few years on them (i.e. trunk base and higher up nicely developed, aged bark, branches kept tight in etc) - there must have been 50-100 of them easily.

He had the best selection of Swamp Cypress I have ever seen, from cuttings to "teens", to advanced trunk stock (i.e. likely as big as you have ever seen elsewhere, in large styro boxes - 1-2 man job lifting them), plus some Godzilla sized ones (I kid you not - you would need an engine block frame or small crane to lift them).

Down the back he had row and rows and rows and rows of very advanced stock in large 32 litre pots and bags - essentially ready for styling. There were Junipers, JBP, Yews, Box, Bougs, Maples and a bunch of really, really nice small leafed figs, my favourite being the one below (although no purchase this time around).

He also had a large selection of pre-trained bonsai and advanced bonsai and a reasonable (although not massive) selection of pots.

I had a great time there, even in the pouring rain. The quality of the stock was such that I even found myself looking at species that had never piqued my interest before.

Finally, he has some really amazing specimen stock, various big old lichen covered figs and very large Bougs and some truly massive (i.e. human-sized) Swampies.

Hard to convey without pics (but it really was pouring, so hard to manage a phone and umbrella...) - but I really do recommend a trip.

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Aussie Bonsai Fan
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Re: Australian Bonsai Grower

Postby The Munt » February 25th, 2018, 2:34 pm

I visited here today and wow. Just awesome and so well presented. I would definitely recommend this place. As soon as I’m back from the honeymoon I will be headed back here with the Ute. Had a good chat to Steve who’s a nice guy and very helpful. Old school service where you are spoken to like a genuine mate. :aussie:

Definitely worth the trip !
It’s all about the new experience!
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The Munt
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Aussie Bonsai Fan
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