Bonsai on Playschool

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Bonsai on Playschool

Postby tex048 » November 2nd, 2010, 9:00 am

My daughter was watching playschool today, and the item under the clock was a Bonsai Tree.

I only noticed because she yelled out "daddy, daddy look its your favourite - Bonsai"

Then they read a childrens story (not sure of name) set in Japan featuring bonsai trees.

They also made for craft a Japanese Garden - complete with
Cherry trees blossoming
Wooden bridge
Rocks and Sand
and Pond with Koi

My daughter thought this was all wonderful
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Re: Bonsai on Playschool

Postby Steven » November 2nd, 2010, 9:04 am

How cool is that!
I'm going to ring Mrs AusBonsai and get her to IQ it on ABC2.
Thanks for the heads up Tex :D

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Re: Bonsai on Playschool

Postby esau05 » October 30th, 2017, 7:12 pm

My son got in his homework to describe Bonsai.And they to planted so many bonsai in their school
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