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Murrumbung Studio and Others

Postby MJL » May 14th, 2018, 9:46 pm

Hi All,

I like the idea of supporting all local potters - albeit, I must declare (somewhat hypocritically) that I have a bunch of Chinese pots and some Japanese pots in my small but growing collection. That said, from what I have seen, we have a wonderful group of Australian Bonsai potters.

While my Bonsai collection is small (indeed, some might say that everything I have is pre-bonsai) and I do not have many (actually any) great pots, my step-father purchased a Tracey Francis pot recently; a lovely and unique piece. I just searched Tracey's business, Murrumbung pottery under this thread and I could not find it easily and given the title: 'Australian Bonsai Potters', I thought it would be worth a posting here. So, sorry if many people are already aware but for those that are not - here's a link to the Murumbung website if anyone is interested.

Please note: while I am not affiliated with Murrumbung, Tracey often attends YVBS nights, always with a smile and a laugh. Further, Tracey is open to ideas - even when some, from novices like me, are a little left field. So cheers to local potters and the interesting and high-quality product they can produce.

In another part of this forum I also saw a reference to this wiki which might help people locate local potters too. to which we can now add a South Australian link too
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