Marketplace rules - How to Buy Swap and Sell on AB.C

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Marketplace rules - How to Buy Swap and Sell on AB.C

Postby Steven » July 7th, 2009, 10:01 pm

The Bonsai Marketplace is a free community resource with the sole aim of promoting activity and encouraging the sale of good quality material so that our art is progressively improved. As long as members use this section responsibly and play by the following rules, we plan to keep it free of charge.

1. Bonsai related items only
Keep postings limited to Bonsai, bonsai pots, stock trees, seeds, tools, stands, books etc.

2. Individuals only
The Bonsai Marketplace is for use by individuals, not commercial enterprises.

3. No critique
There is to be NO critique of a bonsai that is offered for sale!

4. AB.C veto power
We reserve the right to edit or remove postings and/or photos at our discretion.

5. Australian dollars only
List your price in Aussie dollars only. Each listing must include a price.

6. Keep it legal
No illegal activities and no stolen stuff. Suspicious items will be investigated and the authorities alerted.

7. Live up to your end of the deal
Both parties to a trade of any description should use best efforts to ensure they fully complete their side of a transaction.

The fine print... including its Administrators and Moderators (AB.C) is not responsible for anything bought, sold or traded, or the transactions / dealings between involved parties. We do not administer, govern, or influence these relationships in any way.

AB.C will not be held responsible for any failure of transaction, dispute or mishandling of any item between the buyer and the seller. By using the Bonsai Marketplace you agree to Buy, Sell or Swap at your own risk.

Remember to always trade safely and with integrity.
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