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Craig Coussins is a prolific bonsai artist and author from Scotland. He first started creating bonsai in 1974 and spent the next twenty years studying under the Ku's leading bonsai technician, Peter Adams and after meeting John Yoshio Naka in 1984 when he visited Scotland, Craig also started to learn from that great master who's great strength was teaching and creating enthusiasm for Bonsai.. Craig began teaching in 1978 when he founded the Scottish Bonsai Association, and in 1983 was a co-founder of the UK Federation of Bonsai Societies. He travels the world teaching his art and studying the indigenous species of the countries he visits. These have included South Africa, Ireland, Russia, England, America,Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Italy. A popular teacher, he is a writer for many bonsai magazines and has been a guest speaker at several international conventions. He is slowing down now and does not travel so much leaving that to the many younger Bonsai Masters that are now spreading the word. Craig lives in Scotland and runs his dance shoe business that is called Hullachan, one of the most popular Irish and Scottish Dance brands in the world:


Bonsai for Beginners:2001 This was Craig Coussins first book. Designed as a one off, he covers styling, species and care. Examples of his work and others are included. Its a reference book that is aimed at beginners to intermediate. Published in English and other languages including Russian. 2001

Totally Bonsai 2002 is a reference book on species suitable for Bonsai. The book looks at popular species in the West bit also covers species that are popular in many countries. The remit of the book was that the majority of the Bonsai illustrated should be under five years old in training. This was to reflect the fact that most beginners have Bonsai that age. To keep within that remit Craig asked some great Bonsai Masters to design trees and create Bonsai from collected and raw material. The results are astonishing. Also known as Growing Bonsai. Published in a number of languages.2002

Bonsai School 2004 was the third book. This covers the work of Bonsai and Penjing (Chinese Bonsai) from all over the globe. A massive book that is also a great read. More than a reference book. 2004 In a number of languages including Russian

Bonsai Masterclass 2006 was four years in the making. Craig traveled all over the world photographing Bonsai and Penjing Masters. The book is probably one of the most profusely illustrated Bonsai book in the world. Highly thought off as it looks at the work of many Bonsai masters. As Craig has often said , its not about me its about the hobby and the art. My job is to promote Bonsai and Penjing by offering insight, information and illustrations that will inspire readers.. Like Bonsai School. ancillary arts are also covered including Suiseki, Scrolls and pots. Bonsai Handbook:2008 This is a publishers edition and is based on Craig'™s first book but designed as a large pocket book. Small and easy to carry around. Now Craig has started to design and also make Scrolls for the home, Bonsai and Tokonoma: