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Jim Gremel Profile

Perhaps best known today as a potter, Jim Gremel quit his day job as an aerospace engineer decades ago to pursue a living as an artist. After quitting, the first things Jim loaded into his kiln were his suit and tie.

Jim is well known for his pots, which often feature crackled, crazed glazes. He grows stock for bonsai at his nursery, Deer Meadow Bonsai in Sonoma County, California. He also teaches bonsai, and has provided workshops at Golden State Bonsai Federation conventions, and Brussel's Rendezvous, particularly in the Squashed juniper technique.

About Jim Gremel

Jim Gremel Timeline

  • 1945 - Born
  • 1978 - Began interest in bonsai
  • 1984 - Retired from aerospace engineering to become a full-time bonsai potter
  • 1995 - Moved to Sonoma County to establish Deer Meadow Bonsai
  • 1999 - Foemina Juniper placed in the JAL World Bonsai Contest
  • 2001 - Winner, Third Place, Traditional Category,

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