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These Bougainvillea’s  were purchased from a nursery throw out section , originally priced at $24.95 i picked up all 5 Bougs  for $15.00 . The 4 represented here are the Bambino’s .These were on my shopping list for some time but i couldn’t justify $25 for 1 plant .The only thing wrong with the plants is they are going into hibernation after flowering . On  returning home i whipped them out of their pots and checked out the root balls and made the decision to plant 1 on a rock to represent “root over rock” and the other became informal uprights . A quick trim of the foliage and into their respective pots .I then wired and shaped them into nice trainers . Each trainers cost a mere $3.00 and 1/2 an hours to pot up and style , all up less than the original purchase price of 1 plant .Cheers Alpineart

These are the growing beds which accommodate around 1500 mixed Maples . All of which are various combination’s of growing styles . Some of the combinations are root over rock ,   plaited trunks ,  fused trunks using 50 plus whips  ,  thread grafting roots to a Japanese Maples ,  twin trunk style trainers and of coarse the Trident clump styles are in the middle of the crop .Their progressing slow due to the fact that so many maples have been planted and have been sheltered a little from the sun .They were covered with 30% shade cloth for the majority of their growing time due to the fact hail storms hit quite hard in this area . All of these have been kept in check with hedge trimmers to prevent long leggy sticks with unwanted top growth . Come winter we will have a good look at all the naked trunks and to the progression from stick to stock .Cheers Alpineart

These were collected last winter in the local river bed .this will make a very nice literati , and and quality twin trunk .Both of these were simply slip potted into bonsai pots as is then trimmed and wired  .  This specimen was growing in and on a rock  with an  awesome root base  suitable for root over rock or clinging style .Instead of wind swept this one is   water swept .I was inspired by a member of “Ausbonsai” to find an exceptional specimen .This one will do until i locate another more outstanding natural trunk . It has a very natural shari at the base with a very predominant base .The first  branch will become the new leader and apex .I found a suitable piece of scoria to use as the rock , then with a bit of aggression and a wood splitter i hacked a piece off , then with an angle grinder and a diamond wheel i simply carved the rock to accommodate the roots and base of the tree . When i was happy with snug fitment of the roots to the rock , i wrapped the base with heavy twine to secure the tree to the rock . Carving the rocks to suit the roots is easier than trying to manipulate the roots to the rock , especially with older established  collected Yamadori . All wrapped up and time to pot the trainer for the finishing design , i prefer the tilted position as this shows off the natural shari and the base , possible needs to be rotated around 45degree’s depending on the growth and the overall outlook when it is removed and planted onto a slab or into a large tray . Another 3 quality trainers added to the collection . Cheers and happy Bonsai . Alpineart