These are the result of the layers that i set on the Big Maple .They unfortunately were taken prematurely as a result of a fungus attack on the sun-burnt sections of the layers . Out of the 12 layers only 2 had roots so the rest are basically huge cuttings with calloused bases ready to strike roots . Using Willow Water i will endevour to stimulate the roots by soaking the trunks in the solution and reapplying it again in a couple of weeks and placing them into a hot house . If it doesn’t work then a good lesson has been learned , the same principal was used on Crab-apples and Chinese Elms last season and with a 95%strike rate i am confident in a good outcome.After the failed layers were potted i trimmed all the foliage back to the first set of leaves/buds to conserve energy and prevent loss of moisture through the canopy .Now it up to mother nature to turn this misfortune into something spectacular.Cheers

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