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Part-Time Deshi – The Bonsai Blog of Evan Marsh

Part-Time Deshi

The Bonsai Blog of Evan Marsh

Gafu-ten Part 4: Exhibition

This post is going to be a bit lean on the words but it definitely makes up for it in pretty pictures. It’s only 10 days until I fly out to Kumamoto, where I’ll be studying with Mr Sasaki, so I’ll try to finish off my series of posts on Gafu-ten before then. A recent […]

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Gafu-ten Part 3: Workshops and Awards

Gafu-ten, like any other bonsai exhibition in the world, has many smaller activities happening on top of the exhibition and sales area.  One of these was a free workshop involving some of the trees purchased by attendees in the sales area. Bonsai workshops seems to be relatively common in Japan, with many nurseries having small clubs/groups that meet […]

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Gafu-ten Part 2: Set-up

This is a continuation from Gafu-ten part 1 which can be read here: We arrived in Kyoto at around 6am, and waited for an hour until the doors opened at 7am for us to start unloading our stuff.   At the carpark located around the back, other bonsai professionals were also congregating in their vans […]

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Finally an Update!/Gafu-ten Part 1: Preparation is Key

It’s been a little while (more like 8 months) since I’ve updated this blog. After finishing my short-term apprenticeship at the end of February, I had 3 or 4 days off before I had to jump back into full-time study at university. And as life goes, some things get left on the backburner while other […]

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Gasho-en Part 2: Bonsai Porn – New Year Edition

As promised the day before, my New Year’s present to everyone. A big ol’ post of Bonsai porn.
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A trip to Kyushu – Gasho-en Photo Tour

On account of things being so hectic before Gafu-ten, and with so many things happening day-to-day (including being sick for a few days, surprise guests, and midday rice runs), I’ve not had much time to dedicate towards my blog. I promised a glimpse into bonsai export and the happen-nins of that process, but, I’m still […]

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A Self-Introduction and Photo Tour of Hiramatsu Shunshoen

Hello and welcome to my Bonsai blog “Part-Time Deshi”, the name I’ll get to later for those who don’t know what a ‘Deshi’ is, but, firstly an introduction about myself. I’m Evan Marsh, a 20 year-old Australian, Sydney based Bonsai artist who is trying to make the leap from amateur to professional. Three years ago […]

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