Welcome to the critiques and virtual designs section

Post your bonsai for critique by members. Virtual designs and restyles are encouraged.
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Welcome to the critiques and virtual designs section

Post by Steven » May 22nd, 2009, 2:54 pm

Welcome to the critiques and virtual designs (virts) section of AusBonsai.com

This section of the forum is;
:arrow: Where you can post pictures of your bonsai for open critique [comment and discerning judgment] by other members.
:arrow: Where you can post a picture of one of your bonsai and request others to give you feedback on 'what they would do' or create a virt showing their idea for styling.
:arrow: Where you can submit virts in the monthly Ledanta Virtual Competition and win great prizes.

The guidelines for submitting are;
1. Where possible, post high quality pictures of your bonsai from 4 sides (one shot each 90 degrees).
2. Remember that the comments you will receive will be the opinion of the author who may or may not be an authority on bonsai design principals.
3. If you are particularly sensitive and do not want to be told of your bonsai's flaws and imperfections or don't wish to hear constructive feedback then please do not post here. If you are after advice and opinions then please post however we can not be held responsible for any remarks - good or bad :o

The rules for critiquing are;
1. Don't get personal!
2. Keep your comments factual and explain your thoughts with reasoning. Posting "I don't like it" or "it looks like crap" is not acceptable. Posting "I don't like it because it has bar branches and the apex looks too pointy" is acceptable. The more you explain your thoughts the better.

A guide to bonsai critique by Harry Harrington can be read here.

This forum is also where you can post a picture of a bonsai or pre-bonsai and request others share their ideas for styling it by creating a virtual bonsai design.

The rules for this section are;
1. Post high quality pictures of your bonsai from at least 4 sides (one shot each 90 degrees at a minimum).
2. Tree's should be of a reasonable age and size, ready for styling. Sticks in pots are not adequate.
3. The tree should be photographed against a neutral coloured background.
4. Post the dimensions of the tree - trunk thickness, height and width.
5. Specific styling characteristics i.e. naturalistic or abstract etc should be mentioned in your post.
6. Be friendly and ask nicely for a virtual. Members will be more inclined to spend their time designing a virt for you if you ask politely.

For tips and advice on photographing bonsai click here.

For those of you interested in learning how to create bonsai virtual designs, you will first require some photo editing software like Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Click here for a list and reviews of free photo editing software.

Following are some links to information about creating Virts;


Leigh Taafe from Ledanta Bonsai Nursery is the Forum Moderator for this section and will be posting tree's from his nursery for open critique and virtual designs. Leigh is also running a monthly Virtual Design Competition where the person [or persons] who creates the best virt of one of his bonsai get to choose a prize from the prize pool! Be sure to keep an eye out in this section for the monthly comp.

Have fun,
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