Fungal dominated compost tea

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Fungal dominated compost tea

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Hey there guys,

Thought I would give you all a run down on what my process is for doing a fungal dominated compost tea.

I use compost to deleiver microbes to my lawns, garden beds and bonsai trees, and as a vector for nutrients as well that I put into the brewer to be broken down while it is brewing.

I generally let my brews run for longer than usual when brewing bacterial dominated teas to knock back the amount of bacteria so I’m not flooding the pots with bacteria and causing issues, but it ensures that any amendments I put in are digested and broken down into biologically available forms.

This time I’m brewing a fungal dominated compost tea for my veggies and trees, to encourage mycelium and my myco colonies.

Step 1.

About 2 weeks again I got some mushroom compost, moistened it and ground up some oatmeal in the coffee grinder to a fine powder, I then drink led this over the top and worked it in slightly

Step 2.

I waiting until I could visually see the fu gal webs on the surface, yeaterday I wet it down again slightly as I was a little dry.

When I inspected this morning and pulled back the top layer, the whole soil column was teeming with fungal hyphae webs.

Step 3. Topped up the compost tea brewer with rainwater, added the fungal compost inside a paint straining bag with and airline in it to keep it circulating

Step 4. I prepared my amendments, being careful not to add foods that feed bacteria too much, this is amendments high in organic carbon.

Seaweed powder (use to make seaweed extract) 10gms (this is a wonderful bacterial food, but also a fungal food, so I didn’t want to go overboard)

Rock dust - a brilliant fungal food and adding to the brewer remineralises it and releases trace and minor elements - 60gms

Powdered oatmeal - a great fungal food, 100gm’s

there was also perhaps 20-50L of a bacterial brew I had done previously that was very high in nutrient, that should have had quite a bit of digested nutrition in it, and very minimal amounts of organic carbon left, this is the first time I have done this in particular, so we will see how it goes.
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