Chinese elm

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Chinese elm

Post by Megsy2122 »

Hi everyone.

Still a novice but this is my very first tree thats actually starting to resemble something that could be called a bonsai.
Looking for advice on next steps. My thoughts are to work on the leaf pads and getting them thicker? I'd love to create more exposed roots whats the best way to achieve this?

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Re: Chinese elm

Post by shibui »

Branch pads are the result of frequent and persistent grow and trim cycles. Just select the branches you want to grow. Feed and water it well so it grows. Allow the branches to grow up to 30 cm long initially then cut right back to around 5cm. Lots of new buds will form and grow plenty of small shoots. Allow those to grow but not so long then trim again. Repeat until you have what you want. Looks like that's what you have already done to create the current trunks and now they have grown buds to start your branches.
There's no short cut, it takes time.

You will have some added challenges with the cascade. Chinese elm is strongly apical dominant so upper parts will always grow much better than lower sections. Already you can see the branches near the top have grown better. If you allow them to grow the lowest branches may stop growing. Sometimes they die because the tree has a natural urge to grow up so puts all its energy into the highest parts.
You will need to prune the upper branches harder and more often to make the tree allocate resources to growing lower areas.
Good luck with the progress.

If you want exposed roots just plant higher next time you repot and wash soil away from the roots. Provided the roots have ends in the soil you an expose as much as you like at one time. No real need to do that progressively unless there are small roots you need to save." onclick=";return false;
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