[RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Create the best possible shohin sized bonsai over an 18 month period between 1st June 2016 and 30th November 2017. There are 2 categories;
Category 1. REFINE - A continuation of entries in the 2013-2014 competition.
Category 2. CREATE - To create the best possible Shohin sized bonsai from raw, untrained stock.
Entry posts must be made no later than Midnight AEST on 31st May 2016.

Forum rules
Please ensure you read all the rules prior to entering.
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[RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Steven »


First of all a big thank you to everyone who entered. Hopefully you have enjoyed the process and challenge of creating a credible shohin sized bonsai in 18 months. It is also my hope that we have encouraged others to give it a go.

Thanks to Pat Kennedy who kindly donated the beautiful pots that the winners will receive. Pat is without a doubt one of the worlds great bonsai potters and we should all be very proud to have him as part of our community.

It was a shame that some entries were withdrawn or disqualified as there were some absolute beauties that we never got to see 'finished'. We will be continuing the 'REFINE' category and running another 'CREATE' so hopefully we will be able to continue to watch all these tree's develop.

Now on to the winners :tu:

In the REFINE category we started out with 38 entries and due to many reasons only 9 completed the competition.

The most popular entries as voted by the members of AusBonsai were:

1st [Steven] ficus rubiginosa 27% of votes
[Steven] ficus rubiginosa (R).jpg
2nd [Steven] Ficus nerifolia 23% of votes
[Steven] Ficus nerifolia.jpg
3rd [Sno] Leptospermum 21% of votes
[Sno] Leptospermum.jpg
I'm delighted that both my ficus have received a placing however it's not fair for me to claim a prize therefore Shibui will also be an recipient with his Trident and Shimpaku entries.

[shibui] trident maple 11% of votes
[shibui] trident maple.jpg
[shibui] shimpaku 10% of votes
[shibui] shimpaku.jpg
Now for the CREATE category where we originally had a 111 entries but due to several factors, 81 entries were disqualified or withdrawn. Of the remaining 30 entries, the following were your favourites:

1st [Kez] Juniperus Chinensis 20% of votes (51 votes)
[Kez] Juniperus Chinensis.jpg
2nd [Boom 64] Kunzea Ambigua 20% of votes (49 votes)
[Boom 64] Kunzea Ambigua.jpg
3rd [Steven] Crabapple 12% of votes
[Steven] Crabapple.jpg
I'm very humbled that some of my entries were looked upon so favorably but the prizes will be passed on so...

[Matt S] Salix babylonica and [Ryceman3] Leptospermum Laevigatum have tied with 6% of the votes each.
[Matt S] Salix babylonica.jpg
[Ryceman3] Leptospermum Laevigatum.jpg
I'll rummage in the prize cupboard to find something suitable to send you both.

If you could all PM me your postal address I'll get your prizes out to you.

We are going to keep the competition going and all (living) original entries from the REFINE and CREATE will be back in the running. Over the next few weeks I'll get all details sorted out and we will launch again. If anyone has ideas for prizes or ways to make the comp better, please let me know. I think this will be a great way for participants and observers to continue to learn :cool:

A really big thank you to Patrick Kennedy for donating the pots for prizes :worship: and a huge thank you to everyone who participated :hooray:.

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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Ray M »

Congratulations to all the members who entered the competitions. Great job to all the winners. :clap: :aussie:

Regards Ray
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Thymetraveller »

Well done to the winners!!!!!
That was a lot of fun and a great learning experience!
Thanks to everyone involved in running the competition, and bring on the next one!!!
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by squizzy »

Thank you so much for providing this Comp Steven. I think it keeps the forum buzzing.

Deserved winners for sure. It shows the patience and skill required to get them that good in 18 months.

I cannot wait for the next Comp either. I have a few contenders lined up already.

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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by melbrackstone »

I really appreciate the opportunity to take part in a comp like this, thanks Steven for organising it, and congratulations to all the winners, and competitors!

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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by MountainFrost »

Congratulations to the winners :clap: ! I look forward to finally participating in the competition next time around!
Paul W
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Paul W »

Congratulations to all winners and a pat on the back to Mr Pat Kennedy for making the prizes, from what i have seen of the man's pots you will not be disappointed . :hooray:
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Rory »

Awesome competition Steven. The next time I rummage through my hand-made pots, I’ll try to donate some to the next competition as prizes as well.
Now that I’ve reduced the number of my trees, I don’t need as many pots.

It’s been a great learning experience for me and has certainly got me interested in shohin.
I think the members did a fantastic job in selecting the winners. :yes:

It really tests your skills in such a short time frame. I think the most important tip I learnt from this competition was to put more preparation into the months coming up to the presentation.

I can’t wait for the next competition. :beer:
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Sno »

Thanks Steven for organizing these comps . I recommend participating to everyone it's great to push a little and see what can be done . Well done to everyone involved .
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by SueBee »

Congratulation to all who participated. The winners were well deserved. Thanks also to Steven &Pat without whom it would not be possible. Well done to all. :hooray: :worship:
Thanks for Sharing

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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Pat K »

Cripes......thanks, Steven!!! Now I'll have to try to live up to the hype.

Congrats to the winners and kudos to all who were still there at the finish. Twice I've started and twice I've fallen by the wayside. Maybe next time.

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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Ryceman3 »

Basically I want to echo everybody else and say thanks to Steven and all those involved in the organisation of the comps. It was a fantastic learning experience for me and I'm sure I wouldn't have got so much out of the last 18 months if I had not participated.
Secondly, another thanks to Steven for graciously pulling himself out of the prizes and bumping me up to (equal) third position... you've got to take the breaks when you get them, and as far as I'm concerned third is so much higher than I expected to finish up so :hooray: ... And thanks to all those who chucked a vote my way :yes: :beer:

Looking forward to the next comp already, I now have a few entries for the "Refine" section... :cool:
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by Matt S »

I'll re-echo Ryceman3's comments and thank Steve for all the hard work and graciously pulling out of the prizes too. Happy to see my tree get a few votes and I've loved watching all the entry's progress, including the ones that didn't make it to the finish. Now the world has some additional quality shohin's in it, and that makes me happy. :D
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by boom64 »

Hi All
First and foremost a big thanks to Steven for organizing the competition. We all appreciate the time and effort you put in ,(love that funky Crab Apple ) One of the most enjoyable things about the comp was the updates , the approach and ideas were fantastic . Definitely opened my eyes to new trees and styles. Also thanks for the votes for the Kunzea and well done to all . Great bunch of trees that only can get better over time. Cheers John
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Re: [RESULTS] Shohin Styling Competition 2016-2017

Post by kcpoole »

Thanks to Steven and Congrats to all the finalists and placegetters.
Unfortunately mine did not facto into the final cut due to external factors, but I thoroughly enjoy the comp and hope one day to take one out :-) :fc:

They do so much to stretch your skill in allspects of our are that they teach so much in such a short time

Bring on the next one where we can refine these ones and get new stock too :-) :lol: :lol:

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