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Goldfields Bonsai Society Show, Castlemaine.

Posted: November 1st, 2009, 6:09 pm
by FlyBri
Gday folks!

The FlyFamily just got back from the Maldon Folk Festival, and on our way back through Castlemaine, I spent a bit of time at the Goldfields Bonsai Society's exhibition. I was quite lucky to have stumbled across the show, as I just happened to read one of the flyers on a Castlemaine notice board on Friday evening, after enjoying a pizza and a couple of beers at the Theatre Royal.

I am glad that I did find the Show! While the small space made display a bit difficult, I think the GBS pulled off a great show of their members' work. (Terry - the gentleman who greeted me upon arrival - stated that all the trees in their exhibit were works in progress, and I retorted that ALL Bonsai are works in progress, but that some have more progress to make than others... :D )

The GBS members I met during my very brief visit displayed a good deal of knowledge, which they were very enthusiastic to share. There was Terry (who makes great pots, from what I can see), a John who was about my age and a recent recruit to the Society, and another slightly older John, who was very forthcoming with advice for the $5.00 :!: twin-trunk She Oak I purchased from the sales area.

I encourage anybody in the area (and further afield) to visit tomorrow (Nov 2, 2009). I think they are open from 10AM until 5PM. (Hopefully our AB.c/Goldfields members will spruik the event a bit more next year... ;) )