Bonsai pot vendor in melbourne

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Re: Bonsai pot vendor in melbourne

Post by Josh »

Charliegreen wrote: September 7th, 2016, 4:23 pm Aus Bonsai Community

I can see yall have had a great time flaming my original post.
Purposefully provocative it has brought out all the old back slappers that seem to dominate Bonsai discussion on this Forum.
FYI not even close to 60, still have a mind willing to innovate and push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the Bonsai Vacuum of Aus.

One of the key tenants of this Site is to further the Art form of Bonsai.
Congratulating each other with gold stars and pats on the back for mediocre quality workmanship seems to be a theme here and moreover this Country.
The quality of Australian Bonsai, including mine is almost uniformly laughable in comparison to abroad and telling each other how great we do it is just not helpful.
Take a look at the advancements going on in the USA from the likes of Ryan Neil , Bjorn and Artisans Cup . Aim higher people.

Re Pots. Why do local potters try to reinvent the wheel when their skill level with clay is clearly amazed teur????
Get creative but stick to the basic masculine/feminine design base that Asia has refined over hundreds of years.

So passionate about making better trees and the hardware to display but get that feeling of depression when I visit busiest Bonsai forum in Aus and can see no one else gives a F!

Big tip here, if you havent been to Japan and you luuuve Bonsai. Do it, open your eyes, soak it up . Australia is a 2/10. we can do alot better. :aussie:
So you use Ryan Neil as an example of high quality work in bonsai. Last trip Ryan did to Australia he bought a number of Murrumbung pottery pots and took back to the us with him. He loved the quality and style of the pots. So Ryan Neil who you think is a high quality bonsai artist thinks Australia has high quality bonsai potters. Go figure.
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