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Air layer

Post by bump73 » January 6th, 2019, 12:47 pm

Hi all first post so hope it's in the right area.

I've did my first airlayer on a bottle brush (think its Viminalis) and just looking for some advice on what direction to head with it. It's around 5-6cm diameter at the base and has been potted for about 6 weeks now and is developing a lot of new growth.



Unfortunately the main branch on the right side hasn't developed any new growth so I'm bringing one of the smaller branches, that was growing out to the front, around more to the right side.


Still not really sure if the angle I've planted it on is the best direction to head but I figure I'll leave it for a year to develop a solid root ball and then make some further decisions about where to go with it. Open to any advice or feedback.


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Re: Air layer

Post by shibui » January 6th, 2019, 3:23 pm

Good to hear you intend to leave this alone for a year. That's important.
Best to wait and see what develops in that time before setting goals but, at the moment my eye keeps looking to the left trunk. Maybe that's just because it has more visual weight. The upright part is pretty straight and boring.
Bonsai does not always need to be 'balanced'. Off centre styles can be very dynamic and attractive. I think I would focus on a leaning/windswept/waterswept type style with this tree. You have the start of some good deadwood on the leaning trunk and I'd probably extend that down and include the stump of the upright trunk.

Definitely leave it alone for this year. It doesn't matter if the new shoots get long. Callistemon are renowned for sprouting buds on older wood when pruned so you'll be able to cut back to whatever design you end up with and be confident of a good response." onclick=";return false;

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