It's alive!!

She-Oak, Australian Pine
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It's alive!!

Post by Ryszil »

Hey guys,

I rescued this back in October and have been waiting anxiously ever since for signs of life.
And I'm very happy to say that there are green (and red?) shoots all over
It looks like its going to back bud everywhere. Still a year or so before I touch it so plenty of time to think about what to do with it (suggestions welcome, more photos can be taken). I am wondering though, should I protect the jin in anyway?

cheers guys
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Re: It's alive!!

Post by DangerousDave »

Great news! I remember this one.. such good material.
I would expect not much point considering style in too much detail until you see what buds/branches start kicking along well. Treating the jin makes sense to me..
See what the experienced say.. I just had to comment that I’m really glad for you that this one is taking to it’s new home :yes:
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Re: It's alive!!

Post by MJL »

Mate - I’m stoked for you. That should be ripper stock. You’ve got that excellent natural Jin thing going straight up...

This feels like a John(Boom64) tree. I reckon he’s an expert in this rugged style, battered style - I reckon he’ll have some thoughts for you when you start getting full re-growth showing though.

Patience is a virtue it would seem. Well done waiting for the new growth. [THUMBS UP SIGN]

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