Air layering a Casuarina

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Re: Air layering a Casuarina

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Hey Pup,

Do you find Casuarina's to be very apically dominant? I have a small one grown from a very young tree, and I find it difficult to get the bottom to thicken up and slow the top down. Maybe I just need to be even more aggressive with energy imbalancing? I have also found that they very quickly develop knobs of thickness at sites where more than one branch comes from the trunk close to another one. Do you also find this?

Cheers, and good work on the tree.

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Re: Air layering a Casuarina

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Yes Andrew the are very apical dominant, so you do have to be very vigilant with keeping it held back. The will also leave the bump. The one posative about that is if you do not have a branch where you want just wait for a bud to pop.

Thank for your comments.

Cheers Pup

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