Another Tiny Trev

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Another Tiny Trev

Post by dansai »

This is another of the trees collected from the car park as mentioned in this thread viewtopic.php?f=59&t=14850 .

This is how it was when I got it home. There wasn't a lot of feeder roots. The soil around it was very fine and hard packed.
And after some time in a more open mix I trimmed up the roots as such.
Unfortunately I can't find any other pictures of it at this stage. It had a very straight lower trunk with good taper that very short and the branches went of at right angles and curved up. So I left it to grow for about a year without any idea where to go with it. Then I had some inspiration. I cut back to the first branch and carved a section along it. This was already mostly dead wood due to damage when it was in the carpark. It has grown vigorously since and been trimmed back a few times and now looks like this.
Carved One 2.jpg
Carved One 1.jpg
I need a die grinder to improve the carving and then I'll work on a small dense canopy. Trying to keep the bark from rolling over and healing will take some work, but I'll try and keep it open to increase the size of the trunk without letting it close up.

The trunk at the soil line is about 8cm and the roots just below flair out considerably.
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