King Billy in the wild

Athrotaxis Selaginoides, Cupressoides etc
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King Billy in the wild

Post by tanglefoot »

Had a great day walk up My Murchison in western Tasmania over Easter....wonderful plants, glorious views and awe inspiring glacial landscapes! I think these were Athrotaxis selaginoides (King Billy Pine), but looking at them now, maybe Athrotaxis cupressoides (Tasmanian Pencil Pine)? Anyway, they are quite likely to have a similar growth habit in these exposed sites. Typically the branches extend out, at approximately 90 degrees to the trunk, or even dipping down slightly, then curve upward. Could this be the result of medium snow load when the branches are younger? Not sure, but it is a re-ocurring pattern I have noticed.

The taller tree here is probably about 10m high. The distant conical peak (just left of centre) is Barns Bluff and the wider peak to its left would have to be Cradle Mountain.

I have some Pencil Pines put aside to bonsai. At some stage I'll summon up the courage and have a go. There is a nice looking bonsai King Billy in a formal upright stance at Island Bonsai nursery, and the pines I have in plastic pots seem very happy and reliable, so as far as the horticulture is concerned, all seems well. Just have to attend to the artistry!
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Re: King Billy in the wild

Post by Mitchell »

Wow!! Great shot and inspiration. :D
Regards, Mitchell.

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