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Bonsai Road Trip

I have set off to central and northern Queensland on a teaching road trip with Bonsai clubs and individuals to as far north as Ingham in North Queensland, 1500km away from home. I am on the road for 4 weeks with just me, the camper trailer and enough Bonsai tools and accessories to get jobs done. Of course the fridge is well stocked with food and beer to keep me going along the way. Search bonsaibloke on Instagram if you wish to follow the daily journey.

After leaving home on the 30th June 2017, my Bonsai Road Trip will share Bonsai fun in Maryborough, Rockhampton, Sarina, Mackay, Cannonvalley, Townsville and Ingham on the way up. Then I will return through Townsville, Mackay, Maryborough and Hervey Bay before returning home. Expected distance will be 3500km round trip. Living the dream


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G’day Viewers

G’day Viewers

Thank you all for still checking out all my posts even though I haven’t put anything new here since June last year. If the numbers are correct you are giving the site 5000 views a month checking out what has been published. I guess it’s about time I added to the list.

Most of the reason I have been quiet here is because I have been very busy everywhere else. That has been a fantastic thing for me as I am building up my teaching and demonstrating work with clubs and privately throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as in December last year enjoying my first fully funded gig in the northern hemisphere with a trip to India for the Beyond the Spirit of Bonsai Convention in Meysore. This has resulted in being invited back in February 2018.

It got even better when I had the absolute honour and pleasure to assist my ‘old man’, my father Lindsay Bebb, for his demonstration at the World Bonsai Convention just last month in Saitama, Japan. Young men’s dreams coming true there I can tell you. Australia featured at this event with the third highest registered number of participants behind only the US and India. A great effort from a small nation and shows our passion for Bonsai. That would no doubt feature in the minds of those who judged Australia to be the next host of the World Bonsai Convention 2021 in Perth.

The Brisbane International Bonsai School is growing well and I am very happy for the support and trust people place in me to work on their trees. The only down side of all the travel is lacking the time to have a steady program of classes and workshops back home. The dreams keep getting bigger as others become reality.

In one and a half weeks we will host the 30th National Bonsai Convention here in Brisbane and as chairman of that committee it will see 2 years of planning and preparation come to an exciting end with Marc Noelanders coming to broaden our Bonsai horizons for this event. I have never had a shortage of photographs, just the time to put them up. Let’s see how we go from here.

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Bonsai Society of Australia – Sydney

This is the post I was working on before the blog crashed.

Revisited the Bonsai Society of Australia in Sydney in April 2016 for the 3rd time, but it was probably 5 years since my last visit. It is great to see a steady improvement in Bonsai in Australia and New Zealand over the last 10 years especially. I got to see some old friends and I was especially pleased to see Dorothy Koreshoff there at the demo as it had been a few years since I had seen her.

I was given the opportunity to work with an ageing pine from the early 70’s, although Dorothy was certain it was one of the 1951 pines that Vita had started. Either way a very nice little Bonsai with good bark and nice branch development. It was however starting to get too big for its trunk, and the power of the nice little trunk was diminished under the weight of foliage. I had 2 hours to make a difference.

There is still some work to go to reduce the tree further, but buds have to come first.




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Blog fixed

The blog is fixed and ready to go.  I will get some pics up soon.

Have been very busy for Bonsai this year and loving it. Private work is increasing around Australia and New Zealand and would love to expand it further. Like Bonsai it is a work in progress. There will be 17 trips away by the end of this year, so far, with the longest being 20 days in NZ touring between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, working every day. I will finish the year with an amazing trip to India to demonstrate at the ‘Beyond the Spirit of Bonsai Convention’ in Mysore in December,along with other demonstrators from around the world. Bonsai doesn’t make me tired, but sometimes the travel does.

I am very happy and proud of the faith people show in letting me work on their collections and this can never be understated. Education is the primary focus, with most customers practicing Bonsai Artists that are keen to learn new techniques and how to improve their Bonsai. This is the work I enjoy the most as it lifts the level of education and practice of Bonsai. We start young down here in Oz and NZ, without the ancient collectable material being able to be used like in the north, so we have to learn how to grow our trees into aged creations. We are creating Bonsai for the future and enjoying the journey of the trees.

Thank you all for viewing my blog and following the journey. I will post as often as I can.


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The Blog is broken

Well you wouldn’t believe it, but the blog’s broken!

Won’t seem to load any pics and I am getting it fixed. I have loads of photos to sort through so hopefully it will be up and running soon.

Heading to the 29th Annual Bonsai Convention this weekend and will have plenty more pics to share. Hope to see you soon.


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Meet George

George is a large Juniper pfitzeriana that was collected from the gardens of a block of apartments in George Street, Hamilton, in New Zealand. Hence the name. He has been collected for about 12 years and was in the garden for around 45 years.

Not much has been done with George since, besides sit him on a bench in the garden and keep him alive. Very important that is. When we had a good look at George last year, in March 2015, the owner and I agreed that it was time to get serious with George and make him a feature of the garden and set him up for the future. It was agreed to spend the next 12 months making sure George was strong and we would do him as a demonstration for the Hamilton Bonsai Club on my second visit of the 3 year program.

I really enjoyed working with George on this visit, but his journey is far from over. I did not want to prune too much foliage of George just yet as I still want him to have plenty of energy to ensure he grows free until potting time in Spring. It will be the first root work for George in 12 years and who knows what lies beneath just yet. I do know it will all come from the only live vein that George has at the base of the tree, so I know where to start.

Thanks to Melody and Les for letting me work with George, and the Hamilton Bonsai Club for having me back for the opportunity. Looking forward to September already.


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