Well i have been busy , but also recovering from surgery to remove the steel plates and screws from my leg . Numerous mundane tasks associated with growing and training bonsai have been done around the place . I have managed a few major projects , this being one of them , and my input here has  been very  slack to say the least  .  This has been a good project using one of the huge Juniper trunks that failed to survive the collection and transplant ordeal . Not being physically fit enough to take care of them 5 died however i will use the trunks as phoenix Grafts as i locate the appropriate material to do these dead wood trunks the justice they deserve. This was laying around awaiting a suitable plant to attach to the trunk . Which such an impression piece of dead wood only a good specimen would do it justice . In my travels i located a Shimpaku Juniper and it has worked out nicely to make this trunk come to life .Due to the fact that the dead trunk required stripping it wasn’t going to be easily achieved . I used a pressure washer to remove the bark after 8 hours it was relatively clean . Time to hook into the stubs and remove the unwanted pieces and peel some of them back . With live material this job it quite simply however  dead wood doesn’t peel back with the greatest of ease so after several hours i decided to maintain most of the natural wood and simple carve it slightly just to add a bit of character to the limbs . When i carved it to a happy medium , i applied a coat of lime sulfur and allowed it to dry , then hosed the excess off to prevent it leaching into he bonsai soil . A couple of days later the liming agent was still somewhat present after handling the trunk so i hit it with the pressure washer to remove any trace of leaching .This was allowed to dry again then it was time to put the action in and pot the Juniper into its new home .With the Shimpaku in place I simple slid the dead wood trunk down and around the juniper carefully placing the branches in the appropriate positions . A closer look revealed it needed some serious bending unfortunately the 30mm trunk wouldn’t move some i used the trunk splitters just above the base to split the main trunk and aid the bending . I attached a screw to the base to hold the live trunk to the dead wood and then splitting a main branch and  then bending  it into position . With the trunk set i then worked a secondary branch in the same fashion splitting and bending into position . I have attached basic wires to the juniper trunk and leaders to give it an initial pre style form . This will have possibly 2 smaller junipers added to it  later on . Now it can settle down before some more serious work takes place as the other branches need splitting in order to bend them  and the juniper embedded into the deadwood and secured into place .


Cheers Alpineart