• With the tube stock trimmed and the rocks finished the tray was on the agenda , this was knocked up in 6 hours with a curing time of 2 days .Prior to adding any material for the landscape numerous drainage holes were drilled and sealed in the tray .  Now its full steam ahead with the placement of the bonsai mix and rock for the base of the design . Then adding the   tree’s/ tubestock previously trimmed with the larger of the natives positioned in the background the lesser trees and shrubs were added to the front to give depth to the landscape . The gravel representing a dry river bed was placed in and around the rocky outcrops,

    moss has been used to represent under growth and reeds in and along the river bank . Larger scoria has also been paced around the bases of the rocks to add a bit more depth and meaning to the landscape .All in a days work and i’m happy with the end result after all the effort .Cheers Alpineart

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