These were a quick collection as i was under the pump to gather as many as physically possible due to the expected arrival of the excavators to clean up the drainage system surrounding the Water supply . The operators and workers gave an indication they were clearing all the pines from the area .I was blessed as these were a mere 3 klms from my place so no special treatment was required just dig and load .In  3 hour period  3trips were made to collect about 20 trees , the majority were chop tops which aids in fiber/feeder root growth close to the trunks .Whilst you cant compare these to collected tree’s in other countries considering the pines we have here have only been here since the early 20th century ,these trees were around 5-10 years old , self sown from a test plot and whilst young to most , they are  typical of the age of collected tree’s in Australia . All  were bare rooted as they were growing in heavy red clay , this left close to the roots and potted will rot the feeder roots very quickly .Red scoria and aged pine bark is blended with Mycorrhizea and potted as per normal pot plants. With the potting done they will be placed in a sheltered position for the next 12 months Now its back for a forest of collected Pinus Nigra -Nigra Cheers Alpineart

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