Pots by Graham

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Pots by Graham

Post by Rory » February 11th, 2016, 8:20 pm

Apart from growing lots of native trees, I love bonsai pots. I can't resist a great :flag: bonsai pot. I will always :worship: Pat Kennedy. :beer:

What our other :flag: potters are now producing is so wonderful - each with their own creativity and flair. I love that aussie potters don't produce stock boring standard classical pots. If that is what you want that is fine, I don't mean its wrong, its just not my thing. In my eye a tree will look the bees knees in a pot which compliments its home, which is a rough embodiment of the environment it lives in. Again, nothing wrong with a classical pot, but its just not for me. :tu2:

I purchased these quite a while ago from Graham :palm: and finally got round to taking some photos.

If you like his pots you can contact him on his main thread below or just send him a private message. He also has a website as well:


What I love about his pots is that each one is unique, and the amazing colours they have. Very beautiful indeed. :clap:
You wont regret buying one of his pots. Remember to always think about how good a rough natural tree would look in these very earthy pots. Perfect. :beer:

He can commission a request if you want one, or just let him know what kind of pot you are after.
Remember, Australian potters are only around the corner....foreign potters are around the other side of the world.

Although I did purchase a Toko pot a long time ago from a member on here with the username: wrcmad who sells very nice Toko pots, and the one I bought off him was very lovely. :yes:

So here are the pots I acquired from Graham.

This will be used for a Hakea laurina
I might use this for a Banksia, I love the design on the front.
This is one of my favourite pots from Graham. This will be used for a Casuarina (casys are given priority to the best pots) :hooray:
This will be used for a Eucalyptus
I might use this one for a Callistemon
Another of my favourites from Graham. The photo doesn't do it justice. The folds and colours are just beautiful. This will be graced with a Casuarina
This will be used for a Casuarina
This HAS to be used for a Eucalyptus. I don't recall ever seeing a pot with the texture so perfectly suited for the trunk of a Gum before.
This will also be used for a Eucalyptus
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