Allocasuarina torulosa 37

She-Oak, Australian Pine
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Allocasuarina torulosa 37

Post by Rory »

Progression thread : Allocasuarina torulosa 37

I Purchased this Casuarina from Leong at Bonsai South
Cost $30

This thread had to be restarted since the upgrade here, as the pictures are now hosted externally rather than on this site.

This would be my favourite Casuarina that I'm growing. I'm attempting to develop it as a natural styled Casuarina.
It is hard to make out as its still in its strong development stage, but there are now 3 branches developing at the lower area.
There are many natural traits that a lot of growers dislike with Casuarina which ironically are what make this iconic species so immediately recognizable. Yet many growers remove or discourage this, such as crossed branching, bar-branching, multiple trunks that do not start at the very base, and their long beautiful arching branches with no taper. (This is perfectly understandable as we've always been discouraged from allowing this, but I adore these traits on Casuarinas). It isn't actually that easy to maintain sweeping branches with no taper as the branching will thicken fast if you allow the branch to strongly develop, so you have to occasionally reduce the number of branchlets, but keep enough to maintain good health.

I find it is best to cut-and-grow to develop the sweeping branch movements, as opposed to wiring, as wiring doesn't give it that iconic look.
And another iconic trait of these guys is that they generally don't have a uniformed branching style on the one tree.

These species make aesthetically beautiful trees. The weeping foliage and very thin needles make this the most visually stunning of all the Casuarina species in my opinion.

DO NOT let these dry out. I recommend adding about 30-35 % washed course river sand for better drainage to your mix.
Don't let the lower branches get heavily shaded.

This photo was taken 18 Mar 2015

This photo was taken 17 Feb 2016

This photo was taken 20 Sep 2017

This photo was taken 01 May 2018

This photo was taken 28 Feb 2019

This photo was taken 15 Apr 2020
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Re: Allocasuarina torulosa 37

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