These little projects are required to protect the trees from the elements , as a cant afford a loss on the scale from the previous seasons . For too long i have battled heat and wind which requires to much time moving trees and plants around for their protection . This should make life a little easier and less time wasting in the shuffle . I will need a barrier around the front terrace as my unhired apprentices {Kangaroos} will eventually find the pines to their liking . With over 120 Bonsai at various stages and 400 plus Yamadori and trainers i wont be bored for the want of variety . I hope to add another 300-400 plants to the collection over the next 3 months . With over 5000 seeds to be planted my work in future bonsai is all but guaranteed . My wife thinks i’ve lost the plot but to me its a healthy obsession bordering on insanity . She loves bush walking so it works in well , while she admires Mother Nature i scan the surrounding areas for good looking trees .

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