These are just a few small Mugo Pines “Swiss Mountain Pine” that i found growing wild from a test plot planted way back in 1920 . After searching the entire plantation i discovered around 160 self grown trees from Mame to 2 man trees . Having sought permission from the landholders over 10 years ago i have regularly combed the vast plantations discovering well over 20 different Pine and softwood test plots started in the early 1920’s . Cedars {Atlas-Deodora}, Redwoods {Coastal}, Austrian pine {Nigra}, Red pine {Resinosa}, Yellow pine {Ponderosa} numerous White pine varieties and some unknown species . Most of these test plots were abandoned due to the slow growth of the trees for productive timber , however some still survive and the ones that have been detroyed by fire or clear felled and burnt have wildling spread around . A collectors paradise if your into Bonsai and are willing to put the hard yards in treking through mountain goat country . With the onset of Winter there is plenty of digging to be done if i’m to replace the trees that were lost over Summer due to the extreme heat . I hope to collect around 30 different species of pre Bonsai yamadori that i have been trimming and training in the wild over the last 5 years . Some will never be collected as they are physically to big or would not survive a transplant.

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