Here is the last posting from the exhibition. I was a bit disappointed by the techniques used to display some of the bonsai as there was no backing for a few bonsai and there was a large amount of visual distraction and I really thought that bonsai display in Australia had moved past that point. In the end it did detract form the quality of the exhibition, but I still enjoyed it.


Baeckea - Sannantha plariflora

Baeckea – Sannantha plariflora

This “broom inspired” style is about nine years old and has been in training as a bonsai since 2009.

Bottlebrush - Callistomon sp ?

Bottlebrush – Callistemon sp ?

This is an “urban” yamadori dug many years ago and was first styled by Walter Pall in 2004.

Kunzea ericoides

Kunzea ericoides

This is a real yamadori that was collected from the Murrumbidgee river about 30 years ago. It has great style but is difficult to see with the distracting background.

Bottlebrush - Callistemon sp ?

Bottlebrush – Callistemon sp ?

Dug from a garden in about 2003 and has been styled since then.

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