This Crataegus monogyna was dug from a property in the local area around 8 or 9 years ago. I had no intention of digging any more yamadori from that location however the size, which is smallish, and the natural trunk movement got me inspired.

Where this grew was a flood plain where the property owner had cattle grazing, but wanted fine wool sheep to graze but fine wool sheep and hawthorn don’t mix well apparently. Since this was dug the property owner has bulldozed all the hawthorn and planted a crop, so I suppose that the sheep will be there next.

It needs a new pot more in keeping with its rough bark and age and that may happen next winter/spring. It does have a few flowers each year but more flowers would be better and some work on the right side would also improve it. The small seedling growing in the pot will be removed soon.



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