YEW No. 3 – Part 1

This is a Taxus Baccata (English Yew or European Yew) that I acquired a few years ago. I actually got two and hopefully I will post a story about the other trees’ progression another day.

It was originally over three metres tall when I purchased it and I reduced the height to about two metres to allow for transportation. That trim didn’t impact and it grew without problems so some time later I again gave it a trim and reduced the growth to about one metre from the soil level.

Its the one on the left

Time for a repot and the plan was to pot it into a large square bonsai pot but first I needed to get it out of the plastic pot.

Prior to work commencing

Standard size comparison

The tree and pot combination weighed about 50kg or more and the decision was made to work in situ so part one was to remove the old pot then reduce the root ball so the tree was at a manageable size (and weight).

I needed some mechanical assistance

The pot was tipped over and the saw used to remove the old pot, then the saw was used to reduce the root mass by about 70%. The soil looked like standard topsoil and no potting mix as such appeared to be used.

The old soil

A very fibrous root system

The square pot I was going to used was not big enough so another pot was quickly selected. The new pot is quite nice but is rectangular which is fine, however I did want a pot where I could have a look at which direction I wanted to take this tree (or maybe the tree wanted to take me) and round or square are better for that purpose but we can live with this one for a couple of years.

Phase 1 is completed and I will do two or three or maybe even four updates over the coming years (unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse and I sell it) and I hope it will eventually become a bonsai.

To finish here are a few photos of each side of the tree; front, style and direction yet to be decided.

Side A

Side B

Side C

Side D

And of course one more for the standard size comparison.


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