A Bit of Colour in the Garden

I was doing the rounds of the garden yesterday and took a quick photo of my Ligustrum vicaryi or golden privet as it is commonly known.

It is not a champion bonsai by any means however the foliage does add a splash of interest to the garden.

It needs a re-pot to better position the trunk to the relief in the pot so I will do that next year.

2 thoughts on “A Bit of Colour in the Garden

  1. Thanks for showing – I was not aware of Golden Privet.
    Only ever dealt with Chinese Privet (Ligustrum sinense)
    Are the flowers & fragrance similar?
    Do you get minor losses or decay on your deadwood each year?
    Well matched pot too!

    • The flowers look lovely but unfortunately the fragrance is the same. This has been like this for a number of years and there has been no loss of deadwood yet. I find the deadwood quite hard but there will be inevitable loss over time, its just part of a trees development.

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