Taxus Baccata

The European Yew is not grown as bonsai much in Australia and that is a shame because I think it is a very good specimen for bonsai cultivation. It has all the attributes and it even buds back on old wood so some time ago I bought a small plant at a nursery and put it in the ground to thicken up the trunk. While that was happening I managed to acquire a couple of large specimen potted examples from an old nursery where they used the plants for creating cuttings.

This is the story of one of those trees. July 2016 I acquired them and they needed a trim just to get them in my van, and then in October 2016 one got a proper trim and put into a bonsai training pot.

As purchased

In August 2016 it got its first real trim.

In early October 2016 I decided it was time for a look at the roots and a repot for the tree.

Some heavy duty cutting was required
Fortunately the roots looked good.
Into a mica training pot.

It sat in the garden until October 2018 when it was time for another trim. My apologies for the quality of the photo but it is heavy and difficult to move around.

Just after Christmas and the cricket was boring so time to do some work on this, proper work on setting the future direction.

It went from this …….
To this.

It needs an angle change and another repot but it has been substantially reduced, some jin and shari created and it is on its way.

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