An Opportunity Lost

Not the best title for a post and it does sound a bit selfish but the facts around it are all understandable.

I estimate that this year I have missed about nine or ten bonsai related outings and trips because of the Corona virus and the latest to get cancelled is the Central Coast Bonsai Club’s bonsai open event. This is a bit disappointing as I was hopeful that I may get a display selected to exhibit in that show. The plan was to show a couple of deciduous trees in a three point display. I was excited because there are very few opportunities to show deciduous trees in their “winter” state anywhere around here. Nonetheless the opportunity for me is lost, however I thought I would show the trees here with an idea of how they were going to be setup. The setup is just an idea, the actual setup would have been much better had my trees been selected, and there would have been more work on the trees and presentation.

Now that disclaimer has been done, here are the trees. The fine ramification of these trees can only be seen and properly appreciated in winter so I hope you enjoy.

Both trees set up to give an idea of the proposed display.

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