Stick in a Pot – Why Not?

The “stick in a pot” terminology is often used in bonsai and almost always in a derogatory way. People new to bonsai then get discouraged about the art and often don’t pursue it.

Many times a stick in a pot is a starting point and hopefully people will continue and enjoy the art/craft.

Some time ago I dug a few crab apple seedlings I decided to plant it into a bonsai pot to see how it goes and I think it is going along just fine. While it will never be an exhibition winner it will be OK and give me, or perhaps someone else many years of enjoyment. Isn’t the enjoyment factor a large part of owning bonsai? I think yes.

Crab apple pre trim
Crab apple post trim and a little wire

1 thought on “Stick in a Pot – Why Not?

  1. I like to look at it as bonsai is living art. Art is interpreted differently by each individual. Japanese took a Chinese art and transformed it into there own.
    As long as the tree makes you happy it fills its primary function. From there it becomes what you want and how you want it. Others input is welcome there appreciation for what you have done rewarding. But if you love it and they don’t that is not your problem

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