Hawthorn with Peter Adams

In July 2009 I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Peter Adams. The tree I decided to work on was a Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) that I had dug a few years prior from a river flood plain in the Goulburn area. Because the tree had been subjected to the occasional flood, and some grazing by cattle, it had some real character before it was dug.

The "before" look

The above photo is before any work was commenced. Peter had a good look at the tree and we discussed possible designs and I must say Peter has a great eye for design, and his communication style allows him to get his message across.

After a little bit of trimming and a lot of wiring, Peter was back to contemplate the design.

A study of concentration!

The process took about five hours and I was most pleased with the result.

The "after" look

Not a very flattering photo of Peter, but the tree looks good!

Hawthorn - October 2009

In late August 2009 I potted it into a large green glazed oval pot and then let it rest for the year.

Peter's drawing of the tree

Since I received the original drawing done by Peter I have been working toward faithfully capturing the image that he has given me.

In September 2011 I did some work on the shari. This work included reducing part of it and giving other areas specific direction.

The shari work September 2011


By October 2011 the foliage was out and the tree was on its way. I did not allow this tree to flower in 2011 because I was looking for increased growth rate, but I will fertilize it during this growing season so it may flower for the first time in a bonsai pot in 2012 – hopefully.

October 2011


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