Malus ?

This crabapple was the result of an air-layer that was taken in 2000 and was separated from the parent tree in 2001. The tree grows outside the kitchen window and is lovely at all times of the year, but especially when it is in flower. The changes from flower to leaf to fruit to bare adds interest every time you look out the window.

After seperating from the tree I planted the layer into the ground for two years to gain some strength. It then spent another three years in a training pot with some general shaping and wiring.

Unfortunately I don’t have any early photos of the tree, but in 2007 it was planted into its first bonsai pot and it was moving along nicely.

25 September 2011

This is how the tree looks now, but following are the progression shots of it from 2009 onwards.

The parent tree growing in the yard.

This is a photo of the parent tree growing outside our kitchen window.

5 September 2009

One of the first photos I have of this tree taken in early September 2009.

20 September 2009

 The tree changes quite quickly and fills out when the flowering commences.

28 September 2010

The tree was wired during the winter of 2010 and also trimmed quite hard so the flowers were reduced for this year.

8 February 2011

Although it did not flower to the same extent as the previous year, the fruiting capacity was still very good.

Feb 2011

A close-up of the fruit. It turns a very attractive yellow colour in March/April.

25 September 2011

 The tree in flower in September 2011. The work of the previous year is starting to show some results. A slight turn of the tree has also made it look taller and more elegant.

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