BONSAI by the HARBOUR 2014 – The Junipers

Each year an event is held in Sydney over a weekend titled “Bonsai by the Harbour” and for many of those years I have attended and enjoyed the way this events program is arranged. This year I was only able to attend on the Sunday but it was still filled with great fun and plenty of bonsai activities.

To start the day there was a workshop of juniper creations that was very interesting with some stunning stock. The workshop was conducted by Joe Morgan-Paler who inspired the artists to greater levels. Joe has been involved in bonsai for many years despite his young age and he has talent. Joe has studied in Japan and has a wide range of bonsai interests. The theme of the workshop was for artists to bring advanced stock to workshop so it may be enhanced to the next level.

Following are a few photos of the before and after look of some of the trees in the workshop:-

Tree 1 - before

Tree 1 – before

Tree 1 - after

Tree 1 – after

Tree 2 - before

Tree 2 – before

Tree 2 - after

Tree 2 – after

Tree 3 - before

Tree 3 – before

Tree 3 - after

Tree 3 – after

I am sure you will agree that the quality of stock was very good, but more importantly the end result is very promising for the future of these bonsai to be.

There were another three trees of equal quality that were also much improved and that is important for the future of bonsai.

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