This is my last weekly post of my trees. In 2017 I set out to post a photo of one of my trees each week for the whole year and was on track until there were some issues with Telstra and the NBN but I got back into it after some time in mid-year. Anyone who has viewed the blog I hope you enjoyed the photos, from just a guy who is an enthusiast and enjoys bonsai.

I bought this swamp Cypress in 2015 when the Goulburn Bonsai Society was on a bus trip to Sydney and I have been working on it progressively since.

It has been wired twice and currently needs the latest wiring taken off before it cuts into the bark. It has responded very well and appears to enjoy the climate. It is in a new pot this year and I think it has improved the look.

This tree has a hole on the right side of the trunk and the hole goes through into the soil so there is no ponding of water inside the trunk. I do like this feature. It is a tall slender bonsai that currently stands about 1100 mm tall. I am considering some work on the apex that will reduce the height down to about 950 mm but I need some more time to think about that.

It now only needs another 5, 10 or 25 years of development to bring it into something that looks respectable.

The hole in the trunk.




  1. Hey Greg – So what’s the big secret….your blog and your trees are great. And your writing (descriptions) are noteworthy. You really should let more of your new bonsai friends. – especially Bjorn – know of your fine work. Really great stuff!

    Please give my best to Judy. Cheers!

    Bob King

    • G’day Bob,
      Thanks for the kind words. The blog certainly isn’t a secret but it was a funny circumstance in how you ended up with it. It is quite hot here with a wind out of the north west (I know your north wind is cold, but ours is a very hot wind in off the desert) so watering is the key for the next few days. Looks like most trees survived the automatic watering system so that is good.
      I have great renewed enthusiasm for the art and I’m back into it tomorrow.

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