Last year I posted a photo of one of my bonsai each week for the whole year (nearly anyway) but of course there are other trees that are waiting to be bonsai – stock trees – and so I thought I would post a photo of a few that I have sitting around waiting to be worked on.

There certainly wont be one each week, but there are a few and I hope that you like them, and if you have any suggestion for styling, please let me know.

First off the blocks is a Picea Abies (Norway spruce, European spruce) that I dug from a garden more than 20 years ago and it is still waiting for its first styling. I understand it was originally bought as a living Christmas tree and then planted in the garden. It has had a couple of re-pots but that is about it. It is big and the magpie in the photo is for size comparison.


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