Goulburn Bonsai Society Exhibition 2018

Last weekend the local bonsai society held its annual exhibition. This year we had a new location again and the space available was terrific. There was plenty of room for the exhibition itself, for a sales area (very important) and also an area for demonstrations which were appreciated by the public.

However, the main focus is the trees so here are a few of my favorite trees from the exhibition. As is the case at many exhibitions the lighting was not the best for taking photographs however I hope you still enjoy these.

Lilac in flower

Trident maple forest





Trident maple

Larch group



English oak – twisted


Crab apple


English hawthorn

Shohin display

Banksia in flower


English elm



4 thoughts on “Goulburn Bonsai Society Exhibition 2018

  1. Hi, I would lime to join the Goulburn Bonsai Society.
    I could not find any information on joining when I googled the society.
    Could you please let me know how I can do this and when and where meetings are held.

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