A Few More Pots Just Out of the Kiln

Very exciting time this week as a few more of my pots were revealed as they were unloaded out of the kiln. I am still under close supervision by my teacher but as time goes by I think I am getting progressively a little better. I still very much enjoy the process of “playing with clay” and am continually surprised with what you can achieve with it.

Anyway, enough chatting, on with the pots…….

I still have a lot to learn, especially in regard to glazes but its a work in progress. Hopefully in a few months I will have a couple more to show.

1 thought on “A Few More Pots Just Out of the Kiln

  1. Nice work Watto, good to be having a go at something different,

    I see a year ago, we were in frosty Japan, but what a great experience.

    My trees have been a little (golf) neglected but they are going strong. The Sydney humidity has been just horrendous, particularly this January. It has knocked around everything not just trees, but lawns, potted plants and people!

    However it’s not as bad as some of our tour friends in North America.

    All the best
    Paul C

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