Raising the Potters Bar

In the magazine “Bonsai Focus” number 2/2019 there is a very interesting article by bonsai artist and professional Tony Tickle. In the article Tony raises a number of interesting points about bonsai pots.

One that really struck a cord with me was a simple comment about buying, collecting or acquiring beautiful pots and not having a bonsai of suitable quality to put in it. I am certainly guilty of that on more than one occasion. My recent visit to Europe was a classical example of just that, I am now the proud owner of two very beautiful hand crafted pots and I have no idea what I will put in them, but I hold out hope that in the near future I can craft a tree to fit such pots. As Tony described I have a pot collection as well as a bonsai collection.

This wasn’t the major element of the article though. Tony was “arguing” that the quality of bonsai pots made outside Japan (and especially in Europe) is now matching those made in Japan and that trees native to counties or areas should be planted in pots made in those regions.

I would like to thank Tony for putting into words my thoughts and to have them published is even better. I have often purchased pots for specific bonsai from local potters, firstly because these pots suit the bonsai better, they are of very high quality, and also to support the local potters who can’t exist without the support of the local bonsai community. I have had a few pots custom made and I intend to continue this into the future. The number one goal is the final creation, one that is harmonious and the image pleasing to the eye. I just need better trees to suit these terrific pots I continue to buy!

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