Bonsai Study Group Exhibition 2019 – Part 2

OK, onto a few Aus natives that were there.

Angophora coctata
Callistemon viminalis – Bottlebrush
Lilly Pilly
Baeckea – Sannantha virgata
Fig – Little Ruby
Melaleuca linariifloria – Claret Tops
Mistletoe fig
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2 thoughts on “Bonsai Study Group Exhibition 2019 – Part 2

  1. Hi Greg

    Wow great photo’s ! Thanks for taking the time to come to the Show and for publishing your photo’s. I’ve let the Club members know that some of their trees are on your site, so hopefully they will have a look and comment over the next few days.
    The focus was on Natives but it wasn’t until the end of the day we realised we only showed 1 deciduous tree and no JBP, bit of change that fact.
    Paul Carey – President BSG

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