A Spruce Bites the Dust

Its not quite winter yet but the wind has been blowing a gale, its raining (sideways) and its freezing cold. That’s all the ingredients necessary for a bonsai to be blown off the bench and that is what happened.

The spruce that hit the deck was due for a repot this spring but this early in the season is not what it needed.

This is how I found it this morning

It was in an old Japanese pot and needed one slightly larger but alas I haven’t got another Japanese pot so during the emergency repot it was placed into a Chinese pot as a temporary measure. I hope that in the spring (the proper repotting time) I can slip it out of its temporary home and put it in a new home more in keeping with the tree.

It needs better alignment in the pot and hopefully when spring comes I can manage that.

Old Japanese pots are difficult to find now so if I’m looking a bit sad, that’s the reason. Looking on the bright side, no branch damage to the tree so now it gets a little rest before the next intervention.

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