A Few Pots Just Out of the Kiln

Anyone who reads this blog already knows that I am a very amateur potter, but I love it. Getting my hands dirty and playing around with glazes is just plain good fun. My teacher is understanding of my weird pot designs but I also make what I like to call standard pots.

The best part of the exercise is the final opening of the kiln after the glaze firing, there is that sense of anticipation to see what worked and what was, well, not as good as expected.

A few photos of the latest additions to my every increasing pot collection.

A small round pot with a yellow/gold glaze. This pot will probably be used for an accent planting
A smallish square pot with an “earthy” coloured glaze that is designed for a Callistemon in the coming potting season
A round shallow pot with a very light blue glaze. There is a maple with this pots name on it!
A “traditional” rectangular pot with a motley blue glaze. This pot also has a maple destined for it
This is a nanban pot but a little deeper than traditional nanban pots. I have a bunjin style Casuarina that is designed to preside in this pot. The earthy red/brown matt glaze is really pleasing and should suit an Australian native.

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